4 Reasons to Buy Instead of Rent a Mobility Scooter

If you’re told you need to use a mobility scooter, you have the option of either renting or buying. Some people are unsure about buying. After all, renting means paying small monthly or weekly charges instead of handling one large bill. However, buying your own mobility scooter comes with a whole score of benefits that are hard to ignore.

Here are just four reasons why you should buy instead of rent.

  1. You’ll Receive the Latest Equipment

When you rent a mobility scooter, you almost certainly won’t be getting a brand-new model. In fact, the scooter you rent will probably be at least a year or two old and have been driven by someone else. Older scooters tend to be heavier and suffer from reduced battery life. They’ll often lack the latest features, and they may look a little dated or scuffed. When you buy new, you’ll have a strong battery, the latest features, and a scooter that arrives looking spotless.

  1. You’ll Receive a Strong Warranty

Buying a new mobility scooter is an investment, and manufacturers ensure your investment is backed up by a strong warranty. In the unlikely situation of something going wrong, all repairs will be handled quickly and efficiently.

  1. You’ll Enjoy Superior Peace of Mind

Rented mobility scooters are almost always used mobility scooters. As with any other type of vehicle, used ones are more likely to suffer from mechanical problems. It can be embarrassing and extremely inconvenient to find yourself with a broken scooter, so avoid facing that situation by buying new instead of renting an older model.

  1. You’ll Make It Yours While Spreading the Cost

Yes, buying a mobility scooter can be expensive, but you’re at least making it yours. If you’re going to use a scooter for years to come, you could end up spending thousands more in the long run by renting instead of buying. If you’re worried about making one large payment, consider looking for financing. You’ll spread the cost over several years instead of paying it all at once.


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