A Brief Guide to UK Culture

A major part of the United Kingdom’s identity is its culture, and for many, visiting Britain is all about exploring this vast and diverse cultural heritage. If you are traveling to the UK, you’ll probably be looking for some of the most popular tourist destinations. The top UK cultural hotspots are listed below, but remember that there are a number of other great British vacation spots besides these well-known sites. Here’s a look at some of the lesser-known British locations and what they have to offer:

The first stop on your tour of the UK culture in the United Kingdom is London, home to the world’s tallest and most beautiful skyscrapers. When it comes to architectural styles in the city, nothing matches the distinctive British tradition of building everything from barns to towering monuments. One of the most popular areas to explore in the capital is the iconic Thames, which is lined with elegant Victorian houses and is now home to the ever-popular Big Ben. This iconic structure, as well as the gardens around it, have been protected as a World Heritage Site. A cruise can take you to other important stops including the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, and the Imperial War Museum.

Another important element of the UK culture in the United Kingdom is sport. Whether it’s an afternoon of rugby or a game of tennis at one of the many sports clubs you’ll find in the country, or a refreshing pint at the local pub after a hard day of exercise, you’ll find an Englishman at the heart of every celebration. There’s no shortage of different sports in England, from cricket to rugby and football, soccer to ice hockey, and the list goes on. For those who are interested in learning more about British sports, a visit to the county’s national golf club is a must. There, you will be able to learn more about golfing in the UK, from the royal courses to country parks.

Of course, no discussion of British culture would be complete without taking in the major entertainment capital of the world: London. For a lot of the younger people of the UK, iPods and other forms of technology may seem completely alien, but this is just a passing phase. Instead of watching the latest movie released on iTunes, people are catching the newest show on satellite TV or checking out the most recent movie on DVD. While this is certainly one of the major elements of the UK culture in the United Kingdom, there are countless smaller events that people should definitely be attending if they’re young and interested in seeing what else the capital of the English language has to offer.

The largest element of the UK culture in the United Kingdom is, perhaps, the language itself. While many of the constituent countries of the UK speak English, others (including Wales and Scotland) are not fluent in the language, making it a rich and vibrant culture. While a visit to a British community college in any of the constituent countries of the UK can help students learn the language, the easiest way to really get a good grasp of the language is to attend classes themselves.

The fourth most significant element of the UK culture in the United Kingdom is tourism. Despite some concerns expressed over the amount of immigration into the country over the last decade, many people from the EU, Northern Ireland, and outside of the UK have chosen to immigrate to the United Kingdom. Immigrants have contributed to the strength of the UK economy, providing workers for construction jobs, providing doctors and nurses for hospitals, and thousands of professionals, such as graduates and architects, have chosen to travel to work in London, bringing the capital to life. Even if you do not plan to immigrate to the UK, you may still want to visit one of the constituent countries that make up the United Kingdom. London, for example, is one of the most popular cities in the world, and its cultural diversity is one of its greatest assets. You can always get an education or experience a new culture when you live anywhere in the United Kingdom, but visiting all four countries listed above is certainly worth your while If you ever plan on moving, here are the top places to live in London.

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