A comprehensive guide on how to maintain your jute bags

Jute bags are great for both your pocket and the general health of the planet, however, all of those little eco-friendly fibres need a clean every now and then. Research shows that jute is more prone to trapping bacteria than other forms of reusable bags. Here is our comprehensive guide on how to clean and maintain your jute bags at home.

  1. Do not machine wash jute bags

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of washing your jute bags it is worth stating that you should definitely not put them anywhere near a washing machine. The high pressure and speed at which the machine operates will tear apart the fabric of the jute bag. If you are going to wash your jute bag, make sure it’s by hand.

  • Handwashing your jute bags

Water is to jute what kryptonite is to Superman, that’s why you should try to limit its exposure. Take your cloth and gently rub against the dirty part of the jute with a small amount of cool water and some mild soap. Try not to be too vigorous with the fabric or you may cause some irreversible damage.

  • how to remove stains on your jute bags

When dealing with some irritatingly persistent jute bag stains we recommend that you treat the area before you begin the handwashing process. Use an oxygen-based stain remover to lower the risk of causing further damage to the jute.

  • how to dry your jute bags once they have been washed

One of the most crucial stages in cleaning jute is the drying stage. You must ensure this part is done right to avoid unpleasant odours or frayed fibres. Our recommendation is that once the jute has been cleaned, that it be left in fresh warm air on a flat surface to ensure the jute dries evenly and thoroughly.

Jute is a great material for reusable bags however they were not all created equally. That’s why you should make sure you buy jute bags that will stand the test of time. This will reduce the amount of time you need to spend maintaining them.

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