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It’s hard work balancing all the trials and tribulations that come with modern life. I love this blog, it’s another genuine creative outlet for me and I love that I can open up and express myself on these pages.

However, I need your help to get fresh content up regularly. With real, sound advice and comment that will benefit my visitors and readers from around the world. If you’ve got an interest in writing, let me know what you think you can contribute to SG Arts.

Everyone is welcome to pitch to me, you don’t have to be a published writer or even have much experience at all, but there are a few things that I require if you’re going to post something on my site.


I want you to be creative. Think about what it is that you would like to read about if you are a visitor to SG Arts, but don’t just replicate a previous article. Interesting pieces are gold on the internet and I want SG Arts to be a mine for it.

Have some originality, take a look through previous posts and see what sort of thing I write about. It’s usually in the genre of art, lifestyle, health, news and fashion, but if you’ve got something amazing, I’ll consider an article in any niche.#

Tech Specs

Flawless grammar is a must, if you’re not 100% confident that everything it perfect, run your copy through Grammarly to double check. It’s a free website that is actually pretty good at picking up on grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes.

Make it more than 500 words so that you can get across the best amount of information. It can certainly be more but make sure that every single word is interesting. Don’t waffle on and chat rubbish just to get the word count up.

Have a unique voice, make it personal and show your [personality through your writing. I’m not looking for bland, I’m looking for brilliant.

Add tag suggestions in list format and if you don’t have a royalty free image then suggest some prompts so I can source a picture easily.

Grammar and Structure

The content itself is the thing that people actually come here to read so it needs to be amazing and easy to read.

Keep your sentences short with short words and short paragraphs. Split up the copy so it isn’t just one big block of text.

Have a clear format that flows well. Try to keep from putting random points all over the place. I’m not asking for a specific rigid structure, but the structure needs to make sense.

Don’t go crazy with exclamation points or fluffy language or jargon words. It just sounds unnatural and pretty dumb.

At the end of the day, I want posts to be popular and get people flocking to read it and share it. All these ‘rules’ sound scary but they’re really not. Just pitch me something interesting and write me something nice.

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  • Photography
  • Life Tips & Tricks
  • Finances
  • Technology
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Travel Tips
  • Health & Diet
  • Parenting
  • Interior Design

Can’t wait to read all about it!