Are Eco Mailing Bags Cost-Effective Solutions?

Everyone wants to go green nowadays. Whether you’re doing it to align with your customers’ values, or you genuinely care about the environment, going green is probably a priority for you. After all, if you haven’t noticed, there aren’t any companies bragging about how destructive they are.


However, regardless of your reasoning, you are still a business. You have profit margins to tend to, and if you recklessly spew money everywhere, your business won’t exist to have an opinion. So, you’re stuck weighing the costs of every green move you make.


What about eco mailing bags? Are those cost-effective solutions, or are they going to ruin your bottom line and leave you with closed doors a few months after implementing them?


We think you’ll be surprised.


They’re Priced Comparatively to Traditional Options


Yes, eco mailing bags can sometimes be a little more expensive than traditional options. This is due to them not being quite as popular as traditional options. Due to the law of supply and demand, the prices have to be slightly higher to warrant making them at all.


However, they’re not much more expensive. In fact, they’re very comparable to traditional plastic bags in price with the overall difference in the cost of bulk orders being negligible.


A few pennies extra, when talking about buying tens of thousands of something, really isn’t going to destroy your business. Plus, the slight price hike is offset by our next point.


They can Increase Profits


So, you’re probably not too excited if you read that previous section. No business professional is when they hear of a price hike; even if it’s so minuscule it unnoticeable. However, this one will appeal to you.


Eco mailing bags can make your profits bigger.


How does a bag do that? Well, it’s a little thing called brand alignment. Your customers have their own values. Right now, the vast majority of them are highly concerned with the state of our planet and what companies are doing to solve it.


By switching to eco mailing bags, you align your company with that value. You make a conscious decision to “go green” at a personal expense. That speaks to customers in a way that marketing simply can’t, and they’ll be much more likely to support your business.


In the end, that translates to higher profits.


Eco Mailing Bags Aren’t Just Cost-Effective: They’re Beneficial


As you can see, eco mailing bags aren’t just cost-effective; the boost in customer confidence and respect can actually make them more profitable for your business.


Not only that, but they offer several benefits to the environment we all depend on. They’re biodegradable, reusable, dependable, cleaner to manufacture, and generally just better.




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