Banksy Art – An English Reflection of Our Common Heritage

Banksy art has become popular in recent years with London’s growing population. His street murals have grown into a collage of colours, shapes, and graffiti forms across the city. Banksy is a pseudonym for a man named Banksy and his real name is Peter Banks. He is originally from Bristol, but has now settled in London.

Banksy’s murals are usually located on walls in public places like cinemas, bookstores, banks, and other commercial buildings in London, but he also produces some in-store windows and advertising hoardings. He claims to be a private individual, and does not sell any art directly to the public, but instead works with various art collective members who then commission him. Banksy’s work can also be found in many private exhibitions, fundraisers, art galleries, and street markets throughout London. There is also a Banksy gallery in London.

One Banksy art gallery that recently opened in London is the London Womens Artists Space, which is located at Holborn London in London’s West End. The London Womens Artists Space features Banksy street artworks by female street artists. Most of the pieces shown in the space are original Banksy pieces, and the collective aims to bring together different artists working in the same area by offering them a platform through which they can promote their artwork.

Two of the most striking pieces on display at the London Womens Artists Space include stencils depicting scenes from the London Eye, and stencils which depict scenes from central London. The majority of the art in the space is either Banksy or a Banksy version of something, with the original art coming in the form of stickers and stencils created by the group themselves. Many of the pieces were also created by local up and coming artists who do not yet have recognition in the city. One piece in particular is by an artist called Jake Simmons, who has been described as a young British musician, and has made his own music playing a keyboard made from a decommissioned aircraft hanger.

Another Banksy mural that can be found in the city of London is situated on a wall in the trendy Shoreditch area of London. This Banksy mural is entitled Walking on a Dream, and it was created by a company called House of Dereon. The inspiration for the Banksy mural came from the social housing project known as Dereon, which was set up in north London in the late nineteen seventies. It was meant to help poor people move out of the area, but the people living in the flats there soon began to paint graffiti on the walls, which led to the company being taken over by the government.

In fact, the name of the company itself was inspired by the graffiti that covered the walls of its offices: House of Dereon had been taken over by the government and now all its murals and stencils were destroyed. However, these stencils remain, and you can still find them in some of the flats in Shoreditch. What the Banksy mural is all about is Britishness. These are the values of this great country, that make us who we are. And because these values are fading away, the Banksy stencils are a way for people to remember those values and celebrate them at the same time. If you want to give something meaningful to someone, Banksy art is definitely the way to go.

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