Beauty: Love Yourself

Justin Bieber knew what he was saying when he sang “Love Yourself”. Yes, we love the way we look, and yes, we surely are going to love ourselves, because if we don’t love ourselves, no one else will. Yes we know, you will tell us that you have bae’s, husbands and significant others. But the fact still stands, you can’t love someone even if you can’t love yourself.

How to Love Yourself?

For the first part, don’t pay attention to criticism, it won’t do you any good. Take what helps you and just ignore what won’t. People will always talk just like how dogs will always bark, but it doesn’t mean that there is any real danger though.

Secondly be true to who you are. Jessy J sang the song “Who you are”, and a line in that song is true to who you are. And yes please, we should all be true to who we are because there is no one else like us. Even if you are a fan of pokies, continue playing and don’t be bothered by others, visit here to read more about online pokies. The best part about us as human beings is that we are limited editions. What we mean, you are the only one like you, doesn’t that make you a limited edition? We surely think that it does.

Thirdly, don’t worry about things you can’t control. We know that this is hard, but if you can’t control it, we advise that you shouldn’t worry about. Besides, even if you do worry, you can’t really change it since it is way beyond your control.  So if it’s beyond you, just let it be.

Fourthly, feels funny pronouncing that. Anyways, don’t worry about the future too much. You can worry about the future, it is inevitable, but don’t overdo it. As much as we might plan it out, the future is so unpredictable and it can change within a blink of an eye. Plan what you can, but when it doesn’t happen, just relax and hope for the best. Life is like playing the best casino online games, you win some and you lose some. But the game will still have to go on.

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