Brand benefits of printed mailing boxes

In a busy market, it can be difficult for businesses to stand out against competition. It is possible that the smaller and often overlooked aspects of your business operations often have the most potential. Looking at your packaging, could printed mailing boxes make a difference?

Aside from the purchase process, packaging is the first impression of yoboxesur business that customers see in the flesh. Due to this, the packaging will be the starting point for how your customers begin to perceive your brand and whether trust is built.

Brand statistics

Would printed mail boxes really have an impact on your customers? Well, studies centred around consumer responses to branded packaging have identified that:

● 83% of consumers are more likely to share a picture of a parcel on social media if it is received in high-quality packaging

This could be an opportunity for some free social media advertising for your business, it only takes one social media image to unexpectedly go viral for your sales to go through the roof! Even if it doesn’t go viral, the image will still be seen online by your customers’ family and friends which could encourage them to make a purchase from you.

● 50% of consumers say that they are more likely to recommend a brand to their family or friends when they receive items in branded packaging

Word of mouth is an incredibly important tool for your brand, when individuals are recommended a product or service by somebody that they trust, they are far more likely to be converted to a paying customer. By sending your products in printed mailing boxes this could mean half of your customers recommend your business to at least one other person.

3 benefits to printed mailing boxes


Packaging can be a tool for advertising your brand, deciding against printed mailing boxes could be a missed opportunity to reinforce your brand image and logo with potential customers. From your website and other digital aspects, individuals will build a pre-purchase impression of your brand so keeping packaging consistent will help to reaffirm positive associations or even exceed initial expectations.


Having a printed mailing box with your brand logo on instantly stands out to the consumer receiving the package. It sets the package apart from other parcels they may receive and will reinforce your brand above your competitors. Repeat exposure to brands has been proven to help build trust and relationships between businesses and customers, so increasing the number of times people encounter your logo and branding is likely to encourage them to repeat purchase.


Having a printed mailing box adds another step to your customers buying experience, printed mailing boxes help customers to associate quality and care with your business. After all, a company that cares enough to send out quality packaging must care about their customers, right? Investing in your packaging also helps to reinforce the quality of the products inside, having a high quality printed mailing box suggests to the customer that the contents is also made to the same standard.

Beginning with printed mailing boxes

The psychology of branding and ways in which individuals respond is a hugely important topic to research for your business, a small first step towards improving your business branding strategy could involve packaging. Have a look into the different ways you can incorporate your brand into packaging, starting with printed mailing boxes. It could even be a good idea to host a focus group to identify the best approach and help to measure results and reactions of real customers.

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