Basics: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Colors

Have you ever mixed two colors and got absolutely not what you needed? A lot of us have, wanting beautiful purple flowers but getting muddy …


Healing with the Help of Art Therapy

Art therapy is a technique that helps people heal their mental wounds and find peace through creative expression. Unfortunately, its effectiveness is still doubted by …


How Beach Conditions Affect Exterior Paint

Many people nowadays can’t help but make their houses brighter with painting. You can create a masterpiece not only on paper, but also on the …


Cutting Edge Developments in Commercial Spray Booth Design

Like every other industry, commercial paint spraying has undergone many developments in the past few decades, all of which make for better finishes and a …


Finding the True Essence of the Appreciation for Art

If I’ve said it once then I’ve said it a million times, but I’m definitely not done saying it and I’m going to keep saying …

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How I (Finally) Developed a Keen Eye for Abstract Art

I don’t ever remember actively going online and searching YouTube for cat videos and yet somehow I can count so many times when I stumbled …

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