Making Money in the Arts Industry

Just as is the case with pretty much every other industry that concerns talent management in some way, in the arts industry the talent usually …


The Advantages Of Triple Roll Milling

The process of triple roll milling is important in the manufacturing process, especially regarding the creation of inks or paints which are based around the …

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Public Domain Images & Footage – An Artist’s Ultimate Colour Pallet

I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere where National Geographic airs, but that’s certainly the case here in the UK and back in Singapore. …


Are the Robots Coming for Artists’ Jobs Too?

As a graphics designer whose main area of operation is in the digital space, I work very closely with some of my colleagues who are …


Exploring the Science of Design

Perhaps one of the many reasons why the art industry has been viewed as somewhat of a “lesser” industry is because when people think about …

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