E-cigarettes are touted to be safer than their tobacco counterparts – Few facts

E-cigarettes are also called vapes, e-cigs, vape pens, vaporizers or even ENDS or electronic nicotine delivery systems. While there are some electronic cigarettes which look exactly similar to traditional cigarettes, there are few others which look like pipes or cigars. There are also some others which look like pens, flash drives and several other regular use items. Now the fact is that electronic cigarettes are being promoted and marketed as a safer and healthier alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Nevertheless, the question still remains whether or not electronic cigarettes are safe. What has the FDA to say about them? Will the widespread usage of e-cigarettes slow down the usage of tobacco cigarettes? Will the smokers give in to their new habits of vaping and ditch smoking? Before you pick your e-cigarette from V2 Cigs UK, here’s what you should know.

E-cigarettes- What are they?

If you don’t know what e-cigarettes are, they’re devices operated by battery and they’re shaped in the form of cigarettes. Nicotine is the main addictive drug which is found in tobacco. One of the most common techniques of inhaling nicotine is through smoking. Electronic cigarettes even let nicotine to be inhaled but they work in a different manner. They heat the liquid cartridge which consists of flavors, nicotine and other chemicals. Then this is converted into vapor. Due to the fact that e-cigarettes heat a liquid rather than tobacco, the vapor is deemed to be smokeless and hence harmless.

Are e-cigs a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes?

The main difference between conventional cigarettes and their electronic counterparts is that the latter don’t comprise of tobacco. But does that mean that tobacco is the only component which leads to cancer? Conventional cigarettes usually contain a list of chemicals which are considered as harmful and among them few are there in electronic cigarettes. The reaction of the body to different chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes leads to inflammation and other diseases like heart issues, emphysema or even bronchitis.

There aren’t still any long term studies which prove that the vapor which is released from e-cigarettes is less harmful than traditional smoke. The fatal disease cancer takes several years to develop and e-cigarettes have been introduced in the market for a very short span of time. Hence, nothing it proved.

Nevertheless, the harm that is caused by traditional cigarettes is much more than e-cigs and hence you can switch to vaping from smoking and later on ditch the habit altogether to improve your health conditions.

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