European paper bag day highlights the reasons why we should all get behind the paper bag drive

We have all seen the headlines and the news recently about the protests about climate change and the degradation of our natural eco-systems, however with all the bluster, many are failing to provide concrete ways for us to live a more environmentally friendly and sustainable life. With this month playing host to European paper bag day, here are some of the reasons why paper bags are becoming crucial in the fight against pollution.

  • They are more biodegradable than standard polythene bags

Whilst paper bags are not the all-encompassing answer to climate change, they are better than plastic bags. Paper bags are much more compostable than plastic ones. Make sure you shred the paper bags into small pieces. This will help with the composting process.

  • Paper bags are more widely recycled than plastic ones

Whilst paper bags are extremely reusable and have a long life, eventually, their useful life will end. When the day comes (unlike plastic ones!) you will have no problem recycling your paper bags. They can be cobbled in with the rest of your paper recyclables.  

  • The minimum use requirement is lower than in plastic bags

One of the key reasons why paper bags are sometimes viewed as bad for the environment is the bad impact they have when they are ‘single-use’ product. Luckily, you only have to reuse paper bags 3 times before their impact on the environment is neutralised.

 The same metric applied to plastic bags means you will have to reuse them 4 times. This may not seem like a lot at this level however it can have huge implications when we look at how bags are used on a macro scale.

  • Paper bags are good for collecting food waste for composting

When it comes to food waste, many chuck it in with the rest of the non-recyclables, however, if you have a garden they could make a good contribution to the health of your plants. Compost helps to moisturise the soil for your plants whilst providing them with more nutrient-dense bedding. Use your leftover paper bags to collect food waste that can be turned into compost.

Ensure your stick to ethically produced paper bags

If you are a business looking to make the switch to paper bags in your stores, there are certainly worse decisions that you can make for the perceived environmental sustainability of your brand. To ensure your paper bags are as good for the environment as they can possibly be.

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