Exploring the Intriguing World of Illusionists

Of all the art forms in existence (and there are many), I reckon what illusionists do and achieve has to be the most intriguing of all. Now I’m speaking from the point of view of a fellow artist here, which should say a whole lot about just how blown away I am by illusionists who have mastered their art and craft.

As a fellow artist, every single art form I admire from close range or from a distance has me iterating through what is a common methodology which forms part of the creative process, so for instance you might find me watching a movie for the third time and then wonder just why on earth I’m so captivated by it in a manner which suggests that I’m watching that movie for the very first time in my life. What’s really going on is that I’m watching in admiration of the artistic process that went into its creation, such as perhaps trying to figure out how a certain shot was perfected or how the conveyance of a certain mood was so perfectly achieved.

I particularly like to do this with movies that have been converted from a book into the motion picture, which is also why I have the utmost of respect for great writers as well. Writers use these things that we call words to create art, with the best of these writers making the reader feel like they themselves could perhaps go home and start writing a bestseller.

As I mentioned in the opening of this post though, in my eyes no art form is as intriguing as that of illusionists and I say this because with illusionists I can sit and watch them perform a certain illusion a million times over, sometimes even freezing the video for a frame-by-frame analysis, and yet I still can’t quite figure out how they did it!

Illusionists seem to defy all the laws of physics, which is where the allure of their art lies I guess, but they also seem to defy the laws of art in every way!

My intrigue with what illusionists can achieve wouldn’t let me rest easy though. It was just something that would have otherwise bothered me for the rest of my life, so I had to reach out to an illusionist and ask him to share with me some insider information. Obviously, he wouldn’t give away all of his secrets, but he was happy to explain to me where their success at creating believable illusions stems from. He says it’s merely psychology at play – a sleight of hand which firstly seeks to set the brain to see things in a certain way and then delivers the killer blow by blowing the mind away with something that appears to defy the laws of nature and physics.

Mind reading as one of the many areas in which illusionists excel in making people believe it is indeed possible simply comes down to suggestive psychology. If I want you to choose a specific number for example, as an illusionist I’m first going to send subliminal messages to your mind, effectively giving it no option but to choose the number I want it to.

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