Finding the True Essence of the Appreciation for Art

If I’ve said it once then I’ve said it a million times, but I’m definitely not done saying it and I’m going to keep saying it for as long as it remains true, that being the fact that art is all around and the appreciation thereof is not the preserve of those who call themselves art connoisseurs and art critics. You don’t have to stick your nose up to the clouds as you walk into the spotlessly clean gallery’s glass doors, downtown in order to appreciate art. The true essence of the appreciation of art simply requires you to look around you and see things not for what you’ve been accustomed to seeing them, but for what they really are.

Everything that exists, whether live or animate, static or in motion, has a story to tell. All you need to do is take the time to listen – listen with your inner art connoisseur’s ear, which just, by the way, we all have.

The very device through which you’re reading this blog post carries decades upon decades to centuries of history, with its earliest form perhaps originating out of someone, somewhere way back in history stopping to think a little deeper about something which likely formed an everyday part of their ordinary lives.

For example, would we enjoy the convenience of air travel today if someone hadn’t looked up at the birds in the sky and wished he could fly? The very thought of what might have transpired when that person told others around him about his idea that man can fly surely must have one’s creative juices flowing like a raging river? Was there a village comedian at hand, for instance, who came out with another one of his creative jibes, perhaps later going on to collect all his jokes and tell them to an audience, giving birth to what we know as stand-up comedy today perhaps?

It is this way of thinking which will make one realise that life in itself is nothing but one huge canvass in which all manner of different artistic scenes are taking place, from the photo-worthy landscape you catch sight of while driving across the country to the Hollywood Blockbuster-inspiring story of an ordinary person with extraordinary dreams! Take a minute to stop, look around a bit and absorb the essence of the appreciation of art. It’s all around and is available completely free.

How do you think J.K. Rowling came up with the famous Harry Potter series? If you visit the likes of York and you happen to find yourself at the train station, you’ll realise that an everyday location with nothing all too special about it really made up just one of many components of a true work of art, which later went on to be adapted to the motion picture. If you visit London often and especially if you perhaps work there, you might have noticed some of the red phone booths, but had you looked at them with the eyes of someone with an appreciation for the true essence of art as it exists in everyday life, we might have been speaking about you in the same light as the likes of J.K. Rowling!

The best part is however, that it’s not too late…

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