Google Stadia May Change the Gaming Industry Forever

Google has made a strong announcement that their new video game streaming service called Stadia may change the whole game industry after it’s launched. Google Stadia will go for a competition with Project xCloud by Microsoft and PlayStation Now by Sony. The release is planned for the end of this year, and I’m wondering what’s so special in it.

What’s Special in Google Stadia

Here are some things to know about a new bomb streaming service:

  • It’s a cloud “console of the future”.
    The project chief is sure that cloud streaming will become the future of console gaming. It may change the way the games are distributed, launched, and even made.
  • It can stream visual in 4K, 60 frames per second.
    The new service will be connected to a lot of Google’s powerful data servers to be able to provide high-dynamic-range visual as well.
  • It’s accessible from your browser.
    Only if you use Google Chrome, of course, you’ll be able to reach the cloud in seconds and start playing.
  • It supports “state share”.
    So, as Google owns YouTube, you’ll be able to stream your game live. But in addition to that, other players will be able to join the stream and access the game at the same state.
  • It supports HID USB controllers, but Google plans to develop their own.
    Google plans to manufacture their controllers for this service. Those will be linked directly to the data centers.

So, you don’t need any additional hardware to enter the cloud and start playing games. All you need is a well-functioning device with a good Internet connection. Of course, you will also need a subscription to the service, but it’s still unknown what the price will be.

Also, Google still haven’t told their business plan as to Stadia, nor have they given out the list of games that will be available through the streaming service. Considering that the beta version was launched in autumn last year for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, it may be possible that several if not all the games of the line will be available. We can also expect some of the most popular games be on the list, otherwise the service might not be successful.

There are still a lot of details missing, so it’s difficult to decide whether this project will work so well that it really changes the world of gaming forever. However, with the information that we have, it’s alright to say this is an upgrade for the industry.

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