How Beach Conditions Affect Exterior Paint

Many people nowadays can’t help but make their houses brighter with painting. You can create a masterpiece not only on paper, but also on the wood or the bricks of your dwelling place. However, there’s a lot to learn about before implementing your plan, because outdoor conditions affect paint a lot.

It’s especially noticeable if you live near a beach, because it’s usually very windy in these areas, and the salt from the water can destroy your work in no time.

Beach Conditions and Home Painting

Here are some points on how living near a beach may make your creativity more difficult to implement:

  • Air humidity.
    The air is pretty humid near the beach, which leads to faster moisture buildup in the materials your house is made of. Mold and mildew affects them very quickly, and if you have paint on, it will be damaged first.
  • Sun and heat.
    This factor affects all the houses in summer, but on the beach sun and heat have more power, joined by all the moisture and salt. It may seem a thin bubbly film appears on the paint, and this is when the end for the paint starts.
  • Windblown sand and dust.
    Again, it’s quite windy near water, and sand or dust have very light particles that fly with wind easily. As they impact your house millions times, they leave small damages on the surface that will deteriorate with time.
  • Salty water.
    Pretty often, the houses near a beach are constructed with a considerable usage of metal and stucco. This helps withstand strong winds and storms, but it also rusts so well because of salt water impact. And the first thing to suffer will be your painting, as it’s right on the surface.

How to Help the Exterior Painting Last Longer

All these factors shouldn’t stop you from unleashing your creativity and turning your house into a bright spot with rich colors. Nowadays, there’s a lot of specialized paint that’s used for a particular climate or area. If you need to use your regular paint to make sure you catch the colors right, there are also finishes for exterior painting that will protect the surface from harmful impact of the beach weather and conditions.

Make sure your paint and/or finish aren’t expired, and if you’re just about to buy some, read some reviews online to be sure you choose the best products. There are a lot of people these days who pour their creativity in painting their houses, so you’ll find a great deal of information.

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