How grass paper bags are helping to save the world

Recent changes in the view of environmentally polluting products have led to many companies developing goods that are biodegradable to try and offset the damage waste is having on our ecosystems. One of the latest innovations is the grass paper bag. This is a level up from standard paper bag as it is made up of a plentiful and biodegradable material. Here are some of the key points to know about the new grass paper bags.

  1. Weird Fish is the trailblazer adopting grass paper bags

For the right products to be introduced in an environmentally sustainable way it is essential that well-known companies adopt them. Weird Fish has taken up this mantel with the grass paper bag. The clothing store has now started distributing the bags for free to customers. The grass paper bags are compostable, chemical-free and take up to 75% less Co2 in their production than standard paper and plastic bags.

The grass pulp used in the production requires a lot less water to produce paper than with standard tree pulp. This makes the product much more environmentally sustainable than traditional paper and also uses a good amount of waste material. The company says that the small steps they are taking are helping to push the brand towards greater sustainability.

  • The paper bags are made of around 30% grass pulp

One of the reasons why grass paper bags are sustainable is the high level of grass pulp they use in the production stage. This is taken from the waste product that is harvested from many standard agricultural activities. The bags do not compromise on quality as they are also strong enough to carry a considerable amount of shopping.

  • The production process is less carbon-intensive

In addition to the more effective use of the waste product grass pulp, the whole process requires less energy in the bag production. This comes through the reduced use of water and the fewer hours it takes to produce each grass paper bag.

  • Grass paper bags are seeing increased adoption

Whilst standard paper bags are still used by many businesses, companies who are trying to strengthen the environmental image of their brand have started to increase their adoption of sustainable packaging like grass paper bags. The increase in demand will lead to the product developing over time with increases in strength and longevity.

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