How important is it to replace missing teeth?

When we lose a tooth, a lot changed in our mouths. From our gums, to our jawline and the whole shape of our face the changes that can happen when teeth are not replaced are not ideal, which emphasises the need to get our teeth replaced as soon as we lose them.

What Happens When Teeth Fall Out?

When our permanent teeth fall out, we no longer put pressure on that area of our jaw with the use of the tooth that was once there. Due to the lack of pressure and use of the bone area, that area of our jaw begins to recede. This receding of the jaw has significant effects on the shape of your face and ages you visibly.

The loss of teeth also leads to lowered self-esteem and as it affects the way we eat and drink it is hard to put it aside and forget about it. Replacing missing teeth fills your confidence back up and lets you smile again.

How can I prevent bone loss after losing a tooth?                                                                                                    

To prevent the loss of bone when you lose a permanent tooth, it is vital that you get a dental implant or a similar solution.

Dental implants are often metal fittings that are secured to your jaw and topped with a crown. They keep the stimulation of the jaw bone intact and slow down the bone loss process.

What Options Are Available?

If you experience tooth loss, the best thing for you to do is contact a trusted dentist and tell them of your situation. They will most likely recommend a dental implant, and then you can take it from there.

Many private dentists can get it done quicker and have specialist equipment and dentists available for you.

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