How to Customize White Paper Bags

There are different white paper bags; some are coated with glossy lamination while others are not; there are also Kraft paper handbags. Some of the bags have handles, while others are handleless, and they come in different sizes to handle packages of various sizes.

Whatever types of bags you choose to procure, you will need to have them customized to meet the specific need you have and communicate the character and voice of your business. Customization also helps to increase brand recall.

Factors to Consider When Ordering the White Paper Bags

       i.          Purpose of the Bag

The type of goods you will carry using the bag is the first determinant of how you will design the bag. Questions like the range of sizes of the goods you will take in the bag are essential. Will one size be enough to handle the goods? There are instances where some sizes would be too big for smaller packages of the same product and vice versa.

     ii.          Material and Handle

The weight of the goods to be carried using the bag is another essential consideration. Weight determines the strength of the material you will use for your white paper bags. It also determines whether your white paper bag will have handles and the type of handles it should have.

Handles include twisted paper, Die Cut, rope, ribbons and no handle. While the ability to carry weight determines handle type, the appearance you want your paper bag to have is also a factor. The twisted paper handles, for example, are both stylish and robust. Some people would like their brands to be associated with beauty and strength, and this handle would be ideal for them as others would be ideal for the preferred images of other brands.

   iii.          Graphics

Your paper bag is white, but it isn’t beneficial if it doesn’t communicate anything concerning your brand. You need to have it printed to increase the possibility of brand recall. The most commonly printed information on these bags includes the brand name, company logo, social media pages for different platforms, and company or product slogans. Also, the company’s website is included in the graphics and printing.

   iv.          Cost

You must not only be able to afford the paper bags, but it is also necessary that you customize them at the lowest possible cost without compromising quality or function. The bag should complement your brand without eating into your revenues significantly. You should carefully think through the design of the customized bag to ensure you can use it for a long time. If you keep changing the design, it will be difficult for customers to identify with your brand owing to its constantly changing image.

Having paper bags customized for the long haul also means that you will reduce the costs of new designs. Printing, for example, requires the printer to design a plate that will be used for all subsequent designs.

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