Is There a Way for An Online Casino Site to Manipulate the Slots RTP?

The Return to Player or RTP Percentage is a critical indicator to consider while selecting a slot machine at This parameter can provide players with a theoretical idea of ​​the slot’s payout rate and can also provide an important insight to help them select an optimal betting strategy. Therefore, it could be highly beneficial for players to know what RTP actually is and, most importantly, if the value is credible or not.

What Is Slots RTP

RTP originally stands for Return to Player, and it is a theoretical percentage of return that can give us an idea that what percentage of the bets will a slot return to the players. It is the value of money paid back to the customers for each wagered dollar in simple words. For instance, a slot having 90% RTP should theoretically return $0.90 for each dollar of bet. The term is official and approved and is used in land-based and online casinos for all types of gambling.

Usually, return to player is expressed as a percentage and is calculated using a simple formula:

RTP = winnings / bets * 100%

All slot machines must indicate an accurate return rate as it is one of the crucial licensing requirements for a developer. RTP of a game is determined during the testing phase, and it is validated by independent labs such as eCOGRA and iTech. 

Can RTP Be Used to Determine the Payout Rates of a Slot Machine? 

Yes, RTP tells us about a slot machine’s payout rate, but it doesn’t evaluate the return duration. For instance, a game could return the RTP value every 10 spins, while another game with the same RTP value might take up to 50 spins before returning the RTP value. So yes, RTP value can be used to determine the payout rate of a game, but you also have to consider other factors such as variance and volatility. 

How is the RTP of the slot machine set?

The RTP is embedded deep inside the slot machine’s internal program and is determined during the testing phase by the software developers. Once the development is completed, the declared RTP is then reviewed by the testing labs. Then it is validated after a series of evaluations and audits.

Can Online Casinos Alter the RTP of a slot?

It is one of the most concerning questions for online betters, and the answer is simply no. Online casinos cannot manipulate slot RTP, and there are plenty of good reasons to believe that. Online casinos do not develop first slots. These online establishments only license these virtual machines from the software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Play Tech, and many more. Virtual casinos only provide a convenient platform that allows players to access slots, conduct financial transactions, organize tournaments, and other entertainment for its users.  

And all game transactions take place exclusively on the servers of the developer’s company. In simple words, online casinos are only the supermarkets, and all of the inventory is coming from out. So, they are not allowed to manipulate or tweak the internal operations of a slot machine. Secondly, all of the online casinos are licensed by one or two regulatory authorities to operate inside a jurisdiction. These authorities keep a close eye on game performances and payout rates, and any inconsistencies can put casinos’ licenses on the line. 

Remember, online casino licenses do not come easy as they can cost up to millions of dollars and a tiring evaluation process. Therefore, online casinos simply cannot afford to put their hard-earned license on the line only to manipulate a slot machine.

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