Learn the Subtle Art of Matching Tie with Blazer

There’s a real art to matching the colour of a tie with the colour of a blazer. It’s one not many of us ever need to cultivate, but it’s something you should think about when picking out business uniforms. After all, business uniforms often put a company blazer together with a company tie, and buyers will sometimes want to combine jackets of bolder colours than the blacks, greys, and navies you generally see in the business world.

With that in mind, here’s our quick and easy guide to matching ties to blazers.


Firstly, you’ll want to think about colours. Here’s how they generally break down when matching different garments:

  • Similar Colours: As you might have guessed, similar colours are right next to each other. Red and maroon would be good examples.
  • Complimentary Colours: Complementary colours can be thought of as direct opposites. A red and a blue are a good example of complimentary colours.
  • Contrasting Colours: Contrasting colours have three colours between them.

As a general rule, complementary colours should be of subtle tones if you’re going to combine them, while contrasting colours should contain two darker hues and one light one. When it comes to blazers and ties, it’s often best to go with contrasting colours.

Additionally, it’s important to pick a tie that’s darker than the blazer. This makes the tie stand out without overpowering the outfit.


Colour is probably your most important concern when matching a tie and blazer, but you should also think about the material of each item. Colour is the first thing people notice, but material is a very close second. As a general rule, you should make sure the prestige factors of tie and blazer materials are about the same. A cheap tie or blazer is going to be shown up by a high-end opposite number.

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