Life Essentials

There are a few things in life that you simply cannot live without. Some of them are material, some of them are actions you must take and some of them are just natural states to live in and live by.

This isn’t a definitive list. You have to find your own way in life and make it what you want it to be, these tips are things that I’ve found to be endlessly useful and advice that I’ve passed along and had great feedback on.

Take a look, give your opinion or maybe add something to the list. We’re all one big family on this planet, we could all do with a bit of advice to ensure we’re all getting the essentials in life.


We all know by now that respect has to be earned and cannot just be expected. In a way, I like how the younger generation is standing up for themselves and letting people know that, just because they are younger, it doesn’t mean they deserve less respect.

Having said that, learning to respect people, and bypassing their flaws in an important part of life. You don’t have to like everything about someone to respect them, welcome the differences that flourish between people.

Open Conversation

All too often, we hold back what we truly want to say in favour of the other person’s feelings or for our own selfish preservation. Open conversation is good. It isn’t lying about how you’re feeling, or biting your tongue at injustice. It’s about standing up for what you believe in and letting someone know the truth of what you’re thinking.

Don’t be afraid of losing the person that you’re opening up a dialogue with. If they take issue with what you’ve said – if it’s honest, they should respect what you have to say

Believe in Something

It doesn’t matter what it is. Just grasp it with both hands and cling onto it. Put your life, heart and soul into it and make it your passion.

Stand up for it, be strong and hold onto your beliefs and moral standing. It will be worth it and will be so fulfilling.

Be Patient

Good things come to those who wait. People are going to be difficult and people are going to push your buttons. But breathe, watch and know yourself.

Patience is one of the best forms of compassion, your intuition can help bring back your zen and make life worth living.


Buy the expensive shoes

Carrying on from the last point, life is short. When you die, you won’t be happy that your savings account is a six-figure sum. You’ll be happy that you went dancing in the expensive shoes and you’ll be happy that the man of your dreams stopped you in the street to compliment you on them.

Be thankful you live in the digital age

This modern world we live in is great. At the flick of a finger, we can talk to someone from across the world. We can translate sentences in seconds. We can access almost any information we could possibly imagine.

This digital world can keep us connected in a way that we never thought possible. This is the fastest society has ever advanced. Cherish it.

You are not a tree, you can move

If something is making you miserable, let it go. Life is too short to cling on to things like that. If your relationship, job or friends suck. Then move on. The world is big, make it yours.

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