Maintaining and restoring teak timber

Teak timber is a great low maintenance choice, because the wood produces its own natural oils that help to prevent water and other moisture from sinking into the wood hence also preventing rot.


Teak timber’s self preserving properties mean that it does not require a lot of upkeep. After time, teak will however develop a silver patina, it is personal preference whether you like this appearance or not. If you like the look of the silver then your teak timber will require little to no maintenance other than an occasional wipe down.


Cleaning teak timber


Teak can be easily cleaned with a scrubbing brush and warm soapy water, after a good rinse with water from a hose teak can be left to dry naturally. Between cleans, teak can be easily wiped over with a soft cloth.


To remove more stubborn stains, fine-grit sandpaper can be used to gently scrape away any remaining residue. Whenever you are using sandpaper or a scrubbing brush on your teak timber, be sure to always go with the grain. Going against the grain can damage the appearance of the wood, do keep in mind that it is normal for the area that has been freshly sanded to be a different color, this will fade with time.


Colour preservation of teak timber


If you prefer the more blond and golden appearance of teak then you will likely want to avoid the gray patina that it develops over time. If you wish to restore the golden colour of teak timber then this can be achieved with some cleaning, a sealant and clear coat.


Oil or sealer?


As teak timber already produces its own oil, there is no need to treat the wood with teak oil in fact this will not prevent any fading and can cause mildew. Instead using a sealer is the best way to help to maintain the gold hues.


How to apply sealant to teak timber


You will only normally need to apply sealant to your teak timber once a year, and it will provide year long protection to external elements such as the sun.


If you are planning to apply sealant to teak, if possible you should leave it exposed to the sun for around 2 weeks before you apply products. Doing this will help to open up the grain in the wood and allow the sealant to adhere to the wood.


Once the two weeks have passed, spray the teak with your chosen sealant and rub into the wood using a lint-free cloth. You can apply an additional coat for an optimum finish if desired.


Remember that if you prefer a golden teak appearance, you need to apply a sealer at the colour you wish to keep. A sealer will not restore a grey teak to a golden one.




Teak timber is a great wood option for various different uses. It is important to remember that teak has individual characteristics so has to be treated differently to other forms of wood, for example avoiding oils.

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