Masonic ties and their background

Masonic ties have been a vital part of Masonic regalia for many years. Freemasons are known to dress smartly, almost all lodges expect members to wear Masonic ties to meetings and formal occasions throughout the year.

Masonic ties date back to the early nineteen-hundreds, a time when Freemasons wore black ties to lodge meetings as a mark of respect for those that lost their lives in the Great War. Black ties became closely associated with Freemasonry. In recent times, tie designs do tend to vary between lodges however the black tie still holds get significance.

Masonic ties are one of the pieces of regalia used by members of the brotherhood to help create a unifying link of traditions. Dress code is particularly important when it comes to Freemasonry; this is to show that members are equal regardless of their background.

Masonic provinces organise fundraising appeals known as a Festival. Festival appeals aim to raise funds for charities through a range of events. Masonic ties are often sold as merchandise to those supporting a festival.

Masonic ties hold historical significance within Freemasonry; they are an important item of regalia and an effective way of showing support and respect. Ties are a smart way of differentiating lodges whilst continuing a tradition that is hundreds of years old. Find an expert tie manufacturer for more information on custom-made masonic ties.

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