Most Fashionable Micro Tattoos That You Can Get

Micro tattoos are one of the most popular fashion trends, they are even popular among celebrities. This is because they are easy to hide. Usually, people get micro tattoos to honour friendships or to honor their pets and even when they are in love. Here are some of the tattoos that people are getting.

Pet Tattoos

If you are looking to honour a pet and also look fashionable, a tattoo of a dog’s ears is perfect. These are among the most popular tattoos that people are getting. They are tiny and fashionable.

Floral Tattoos

Floral tattoos are also among the most popular tattoos. Celebrities such as Demi Lavato have got floral tattoos. Floral tattoos help people express certain feelings. Floral tattoos are trendy and they can be customised. According to toponlinecasinos online casino, most casino players have Floral tattoos.

Number Tattoos

You can get a tattoo of personal numbers, they are trending too. It can be done in remembrance of a memorable date.

Food Tattoos

Food tattoos are also becoming popular. Celebrities who have got food tattoos include Ashley Benson, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. You can get a tattoo of an avocado or a milkshake, you can even get a tattoo of your favourite fruit or food. These food tattoos are in fashion.

Matching Tattoos

Matching tattoos are also among the most fashionable micro tattoos. You can use these to honour your friendship. For example you and your friend can get arrows or get matching hearts. You can also try online slots for real money tattoos if you are gambling fans.

Coordinated Tattoos

These are coordinated but not matching tattoos. These tattoos are good if you still want to keep things individualised but you are friends.

Shaped Script Tattoos

You can also get a phrase or word printed on your hand. you can also choose how it will be shaped. It can be single line or rounded.

Name Tattoos

You can have names of special people in your life printed on your hand. Name tattoos are usually done when someone really means a lot to the person getting them. Celebrities like Drew Barrymore got this kind of tattoo.

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