My Kitchen Floor is Ugly. How Can I Make it Pleasing?

Your kitchen is the hardest working room in the home, filled with cooking, dining and party guests on occasion.

It’s a place for family gathering over breakfast and dinner and the place where the household washing goes in dirty and comes out clean. It’s a tornado of activity that sure can make a mess, and your poor floor sees more here than any other room of the home.

Finding the best flooring suddenly becomes the biggest challenge in order to maintain its appearance and stay vibrant and clean at all times. This means you need an option that is aesthetically pleasing, highly durable and easy to maintain. This option could very well be Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

Budget Friendly

Let’s talk about the first obstacle you’ll find; money. How much do you want to pay on your flooring?

Hardwood is expensive as is stone or ceramic. Slate, ridiculously so. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting exactly the same style at a fraction of the prince and no one knows none the wiser. Here’s where luxury vinyl tile saves you a lot of money and does not substitute on style.

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring in planks or tiles is an extremely cheaper alternative that is not a necessarily tough job to install yourself, so you could save a little money on hiring a professional to fit it. That gives you some extra money to enjoy with the family for the price of dedicating a little DIY time.

Master at Combat

As mentioned earlier, your floor is a victim of the whirlwind activities of your kitchen.

From dropped food, spilled drinks, muddy footprints, and water leakage from the sink your floor can see more stains and spills in one day than any other room sees in a year. Luvanto provides plenty of top-of-the-line protective properties such as anti-scratch, stain resistance, protection against temperature change and waterproof technologies to ensure every possible circumstance won’t affect your floor.

No damage to underfloor, no discoloration and its even anti slip so no accidents spoiling proceedings.

How Do I Keep It Clean

Due to the many properties safeguarding your floor from Luvanto, you’d be surprised to learn that the floor looks after itself mostly.

With just simple sweeps, a quick vacuum and occasional mop your floor is happy to continue providing the maximum in durability and cleanliness. Surely this alone greatly reduces your requirement for specialist cleaning chemicals and products and frees up much more time for yourself.

If your current floor is ugly, then treat it to a bit of love with Luvanto and let it look after you.

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