My story


My name is Shaun

I was born in Jurong, Singapore *some* years ago. I was born to Singaporean parents and the house and area where I spent the first eight years of my life was really, really beautiful. In fact, when I was told we’d be moving to the UK after my dad became a specialist surgeon I cried for seven days straight.

These eight years really shaped who I was and my outlook on life. Singaporeans are so diverse and friendly and community focused, but they’re also business savvy yet creatively inclined. Because there is such a mix of heritage and ethnicities I always felt like there was no animosity between anyone. I’m sure some people would disagree, but I never felt as though there were any culture clashes on the island.

After moving to the UK, I found myself a little displaced at first. I had great English skills and even went to an international school back in Singapore, but something just seemed amiss. I had no connection to the culture there. I turned to painting and computers in order to replace the friends I struggled to make.

Things got better, I think I just stopped being a brat and opened myself up to the kids I went to school with. This is when my appreciation for life and life as art really developed. People are so interesting.

I got my citizenship a few years ago too! I was super disappointed that I didn’t actually get to meet the Queen. Talk about false promises!

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Working life

Now, I work for an advertising company in the centre of London. We take on some pretty big projects (unfortunately I’m not allowed to list them publicly) from some pretty big names and I love it. It keeps me really busy and I’ve never not got something to do.

From designing new fonts, creating promotional material and making short animations to menu design, website design and even clothing designs, every day is different and I get to speak to lots of people about their vision and what it is they want to be proud of. Then, I get to make them something to be proud of!

It’s great, it really is. Plus, I’ve been given the opportunity to travel the world to meet with clients and really see the art that is our planet.

That’s me pretty much in a nutshell. I’d tell you more but I don’t want to give away all my secrets on one page! Read my posts or send me a message and we’ll have a good old chat.