Nico Cartosio’s Snow Above the Earth – Requiem for the Tunes Unplayed

Um, first of all – wow, wow, WOW…That’s three “wows” both for the number of teardrops I felt rolling down my cheeks as I listened to the track and watched the official video, as well as for the artistic experience it evoked. Dare I say, as far as “new” music goes I’m a very hard person to please, to the point that whenever I’m made wise to the latest tune to hit the circuits I take weeks upon weeks to get around to listening to it.

I put “new” in inverted commas because this time around the song I was made wise to reminds me of the loony character in the Pet Shop Boys’ track, “Always On My Mind,” when he climbed into the car and proclaimed that he “Smelled youth…vintage youth!” The primary occupants were dressed in vintage clothing and they were driving a vintage car and the song itself in addition to the videography was just made of a selection of great art and artistry.

But this isn’t about the Pet Shop Boys and neither is Nico Cartosio’s “Snow Above the Earth – Requiem for the Tunes Unplayed” a cover of any pre-existing song I know of (it is after all instrumental). On a personal level (because this is indeed a personal blog), my use of the Pet Shop Boys as an analogy speaks volumes to my response to Nico Cartosio’s musical masterpiece and I should perhaps complete my thought about it being a new song but of a vintage feel – a new song which isn’t quite of a musical genre you’d see topping the latest and trendiest charts.


My dislike for what is passed off as new music these days should perhaps be as clear as daylight by now, contrary to which a listen on Spotify will put things into perspective for you as I go on and on about “Snow Above the Earth – Requiem for the Tunes Unplayed.” I don’t know if “impressed” is an adequate enough word to describe it – more like “had my soul stirred…”

The melody medley has a classic feel to it, fit for the most dramatic of movie scenes which are both contemporary and classic, demonstrating musical talent beyond measure, and while the music itself is a complete work of art on its own, watching the video as I listened to the melody for the second time added a whole new dimension.

You can also get it via Apple Music and I suggest you do if your experience of art is anything like mine – if your experience of the different forms of art which went into the making of the video and the song is a deeply spiritual one which rocks your artist’s soul! I mean you could have grabbed a still image and it would have made for quite the still landscape photo – yes, the videography is that good!

Watch for yourself and be amazed:

We need more of this type of quality these days!

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