NYC FW Trends You Simply Must Copy

When each fashion week wraps up, the first thing we ask ourselves is – what did Anna Wintour say? Well, she was full of joy and commended the designers and brands on the inclusivity, optimism and colorful collection that bring true joy, not only to the models but certainly to real-life people who will be wearing them too. Her overall impression was that, unlike most years, when people couldn’t wait for London and Milan, this year, New York delivered in such a manner that satisfied and exceeded all expectations, that it doesn’t even leave us longing for more. The collections were truly inspired and spectacular, but let’s let both the photos and the words do the talking, and most importantly, let’s bring some of the most wearable trends to the fore so that you can start copying them as soon as possible.

Power and confidence

Those are the reasons, Tom Ford said, that pushed him into being a designer – a desire to make both women and men feel beautiful and powerful. This collection is a clear manifestation of that. A plethora of black patent leather (we aren’t certain whether it’s faux) outfits and little black dresses were largely present, as well as plenty of cream ensembles. Even though each model looked different than the previous, all the clothes share certain commonalities – they are all fitted, meant to flatter the body and show every curve in all its glory, so if you were thinking that the tight little black dress was so timeless that it fell out of favor with trends, guess again. You can choose from asymmetric necklines, combinations of leather and lace, but dear God, do snag a sizzling hot LBD and remind the world why it was so iconic to begin with. In the spirit of Ford’s line, make sure you add a touch of color with metallic heels and you will be a runway-ready goddess.

The grand return

Wintour rejoiced over the return of Rodarte, and after checking out the collection we feel almost giddy as well. This collection is perfect for all of those who feel nostalgic for the Edith Wharton ‘80s party days. The heavily ruffled leather dresses, whether black or red, will awaken the party girl in you. Sometimes, girls do just want to have fun, but now, instead of looking like you’re in a costume, you can rock the look knowing it’s a bona fide trend. For those with more subdued yet still ‘80s reminiscent tastes, there are puff-sleeved white dresses that are to die for – with a decent amount of ruffles of course, and those looking for sheer pastel floral femininity will have something to look forward to as well.

Oh, Oscar!

We told you the spring lines will leave you speechless, and we’re about to dazzle you some more, well, Oscar de la Renta is. Extravagant dresses aside, which granted, are larger than life, we are looking for something every woman can wear on a daily basis. One such outfit was found in an oversized sweater with a black and white geometric pattern, paired with a fringed sequin skirt, which we bet all the New York and other fashionistas are dying to rock. All they need to complete the look is a good clutch, although an even better option for young professionals would be a chic and sturdy briefcase which would totally make the look pure office gold. Intricate tops and satin pants will make you look spectacular as they’re both wearable and a form of art in their own right and all you need is the right bag to complete the look. So, while we wait for the enormous as well as tiny ones to hit the stores this spring, you are welcome to snag one of the spectacular bags from the existing collections while you wait for the spring ones to hit the stores.

Ridiculous and sublime

This is how one of the Vogue’s writers described Marc Jacobs spring collection. Yes, some of the outfits were a little over the top, but admit it, you are simply dying to snag the coat Kaia Gerber rocked on the runway, complete with the lace gloves, the handbag and even the scarf around your neck. This is a time when bringing back old decades we feel nostalgic for feels almost mandatory, and this outfit is like a colorful and bolder Audrey Hepburn. If this isn’t enough, a little drama never hurt nobody, so why not strut down the street wearing a pale blue slip dress, shiny stocking and a mustard yellow, blue-leaf-embellished coat with a huge flower at the neckline? New York women have always been all about statement dressing, and there is no doubt in our mind that this look will turn from pure art to highly coveted wearable art.

Club Tropicana

Last year, Kors’s collection was all about deep and pastel blues and pinks, and this time, while the tropical print frenzy continues, he has opted for more festive color combinations, which are simply craving for you to take them to a nice beachy resort and shine. In design, the shirts and skirts are quite simple, but it’s the way the colors are combined that makes them bold and worthy of every statement dresser. Frilly summer dresses with ruffles and plunging necklines are an absolute sizzling hot summer’s daydream, and they will certainly be rocked to death. It’s safe to say that Kors’s entire collection will be seen all over towns and exotic summer destinations because it represents all the vibrancy and joy of summertime.

Not with a fizzle, but with a bang

Queen Rihanna closed the NYC FW with an incredible show. The reason the show was so out of the box wasn’t only due to the fact that it was all about lingerie, but also due to it being all about different women with different bodies. As always, Rihanna is all about inclusivity, and not only in terms of race and skin color, but also in terms of different body types and sizes, and this collection is a huge stride forward in the lingerie department. It sends a clear message: that regardless of size, every woman can, in fact, get the kind of lingerie that will not only suit her needs but make her feel so sexy and desirable that she will be able to look in the mirror and say “darn, I look hot”. This is what Savage X Fenty line did for women on the closing evening, and we know that there are millions of women who have been yearning for a collection as inclusive as this, so ladies, it’s time to reclaim your sexiness no matter what shape and size you are, and hopefully, other lingerie designers will learn a lesson or two from queen Riri.

Yes, it was a spectacular week, and we didn’t even get to cover all the designers. There will still be plenty of time to do that, and in the meantime, go hunting for the latest trends. As we hear, Indian summer is upon us, so you may even get a chance to rock the trends before the year is over.

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