Opt for Farmers’ Markets to Make Sure You Nourish Your Body

Farmers’ markets gain more and more popularity lately. People get educated on healthy lifestyle, start implementing it, and find out how much chemicals and redundant additions there are in the food they find at grocery stores. So they opt for farmers’ markets, where people sell the food they grew themselves without harmful pesticides.

Of course, you have to make sure the market you choose is trustworthy, because there are enough frauds. But all in all, these places help local farmers make money, help you stay healthy, and help our planet clean up.

Can a Supermarket Be a Farmers’ Market?

Only if it specializes in selling local food from local farmers, a supermarket can be called that. However, as the term isn’t that well-defined yet, many chain supermarkets just put these words over shelves with food grown on the other side of the planet and just imported here. This is not what we talk about now, we talk about local seasonal food.

Why Local Seasonal Food Is a Good Choice

There are several major advantages of fresh produce:

  • It helps reconnect to the bioregion you live in.
    Realization of the fact that earth gives us food and we grow it ourselves is crucial, especially for certain regions. Nowadays we can get any food from any place on Earth, so we forget what our local land can give us. It becomes neglected and may eventually lose its capabilities.
  • It’s much fresher and more nutritious.
    When you go to a farmers’ market, you know that the food was picked shortly before being placed on a shelf. In regular grocery stores you can find food that is still pretty nutritious, but it has flown miles and miles before reaching your city.
  • There’s wider variety of healthy foods.
    Farmers’ markets offer seasonal food, which will never leave you bored or disappointed. Also, local produce may afford growing sorts of fragile but extremely nutritious food like certain types of crops. They don’t need shipping and much storage, so you will get fresh nutritious products.
  • You support local produce.
    Supporting local seasonal produce will give more finances to the agricultural industry in your region. In its turn, it influences a lot of other industries, so you may do a lot of good for your city and for the whole country.

Try going to a farmers’ market once, take a friend who knows how to recognize truly trustworthy farmers, and start your way to healthy life and rich nutrition!

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