Painting Your Interior to Bring Coziness to Your Home

Minimalism is becoming a hot thing these days, but I think that plain white room with some details wouldn’t be cozy enough for me. No matter what the style of your home is and how much stuff you’ve got there, you can make it brighter/cooler/cozier/you name it with the help of painting.

It can be regular painting with one color, or you can wake up your imagination and paint some pictures to make it unique. By choosing the right colors you’ll be able to improve the dark spots in your house and make it more dramatic or warmer.

Things to Consider When Painting Your Interior

Highlight Dark Areas

Whether or not you’re afraid of the dark, if there’s a corner that seems too dull and it doesn’t look good and harmonize with the rest of the house, highlight it. Use light and bright colors to even it out. Plain white is, of course, the best highlighter, but you can also draw a picture with some other bright colors there and put a neon light to make it more special.

Try Using More Shades of the Same Color

In case you don’t want your house to be too bright with colors, you can use several shades of the same color to still keep it original. Imagine all the decorations you can paint with a peachy yellow on a regular yellow or vice versa. Warm shades will bring more coziness and, well, warmth to your interior, but adding some creativity will make it the effect even better.

Use Colder Shades for Relaxing Atmosphere

If you need to bring the heat down a bit and make the atmosphere in the room more cooling and relaxing, bring in some colder shades. The best choices so far are blue, green, and purple. These are great for the rooms or corners that don’t have sufficient lighting, and also bathrooms and bedrooms, because the colors help you calm down.

What Colors to Choose

It all depends on your goal and the interior you have. The most popular option nowadays is neutral lighter colors. You can choose warmer or cooler shades and combine them in the way you want, and they become an amazing canvas for the future pictures you might want to paint on them.

However, you don’t have to use what’s popular. If you want to paint your room in bright green, do it, just make sure it’s not too bright so your eyes don’t hurt. It will still have its calming features!