Positive décor ideas for a harmonious home

We are leading increasingly frenetic lifestyles, and our prior engagements and additional commitments are doing little for our health, wellbeing or ability to harmonise our lives. Your home is your haven from the world outside. Perhaps it’s time to turn the place that you eat, sleep and rest into a place of comfort and solace.

Calm and karma

Whether you believe in FengShui or not, there can be little doubt that reorganising your furniture can have a positive effect on your décor – and mood. Feng Shui is about so much more than facing furniture in a certain direction – it governs the energy channels within our homes, the colours that we may choose to use, and the way that the elements are reflected in our interior design.

Cool with colour

Crimson may be your favourite colour, but it’s wise to think twice before decorating your home in deep shades and bold hues – sometimes less is more. Calming and neutral colours, including magnolia, beige, coffee, pale blue, soft yellow and mint green, will work well to turn your house into a home and will inspire feelings of wellbeing and happiness.

Super-savvy storage

There’s nothing harmonious about clutter. Whether it’s toys, clothes, paperwork or recycling, piles of detritus can make us feel anxious, unhappy and unmotivated from the moment we enter our homes. Think about clever storage options, including under-the-stair accommodation, cupboards and units, and floating shelves. Of course, you should also undertake regularly decluttering.

Light and bright

Our homes can become toxic if we let them. We’re often so caught up in work, chores or favourite television shows that we forget that the outside world exists. We live in stale homes, and interact with manufactured, artificial light far more than we’d like to admit. Invite the outside in with plantation shutters, which will allow you to welcome natural light and fresh air into your home without compromising your privacy. Shutters are also elegant and decorative.

Remember the best times

One of the simplest and most positive décor ideas involves mementos of happy times, souvenirs of favourite holidays, or gifts from loved ones. We are often happiest and most harmonious when objects that represent wonderful memories surround us. Don’t be afraid to fill photo albums, display trinkets, and decorate your home with keepsakes.

Find a quiet corner

When it comes to reimagining your home for a positive outlook, take a step away from electronic devices. Try to find a quiet nook or reading corner that you could dedicate to books, craft materials or art supplies. A window seat, converted walk-in cupboard or cosy area with cushions would be perfect.

Bring the outside in

Plants are renowned for their calming and healing properties, and they’re a wonderful source of fresh, clean air for your home. Flowers, ornamental trees and potted plants can also absorb some of the static produced by devices. Seasonal flowers will brighten your home and bring joy, while potted plants can often take our minds away from stressful subjects.

The colours, accessories and furniture that you choose to decorate your home should help you to enjoy moments of calm and reflection. You should decorate and adorn each corner as you see fit, though you can use this blog post as inspiration.

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