Renting vs Buying

There can never be a definite position on the matter of renting vs buying. There are so many facts that making buying a great option. And there is almost an equal number of facts that support renting. The two schools of thought are not completely irreconcilable. They are more like online casinos and land-based gambling establishments, they can complement each other. However, to get started with online gambling, click australian online pokies real money to get some tips and tricks you can use as a beginner.

Two schools of thought

Wealth is in Use and NOT Ownership  

There are many scholars throughout the ages who agree that renting is a better investment of money. This is provided the money is reinvested properly. But even besides the science, there is common sense.

Life is about experiences. To have great experiences you do not have to buy the entire set-up. You can still enjoy the beach without buying it.

The science speaks about how buying locks up money. While renting frees up funds. These funds can then be reinvested to make more profit. And even pay for other experiences.

Wealth Accumulation

This is a process by which people gather a lot of objects around them. These trappings of wealth will need to be kept for future generations, therefore, there is a need to buy them. The wealth that is accumulated adds a lot of value to the owner. Which is not the case with someone who is renting. When renting you actually adding value to some else’s property.

The majority of people subscribe to the idea of buying because there is rarely any reinvestment that occurs with the money which is freed-up by not buying. The usual thing that happens is that people spend these monies on consumables.

The reality is that as humans, our brains’ reward centres are triggered more by fun rather than financial gain. That’s why even if someone hits a $10 000 000 jackpot at a casino online, they still want to continue playing for more. Therefore more often we chose to spend money on things that give short-term bliss as opposed to financial investments/moneymaking. As this continues to happen over time people tend to choose the strategy that is in line with their natural habits.