Scalp Micropigmentation: Your Quick Answer To Solving Hair Loss

There are many types of hair loss treatments available in the market today. There is the standard over-the-counter medicine where you can purchase it anywhere and online. There is the popular Low-Light Laser Therapy, a non-surgical hair treatment, and the popular FUE and FUT surgical hair loss solution.

However, there is another hair loss solution that is becoming common today, and that is a micro scalp pigmentation.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micro pigmentation produces a vision to make your hair fuller. It’s also the same as scalp microblading that has been widely used to make the eyebrows fuller.

However, microblading is far different compared to scalp micropigmentation. Microblading is usually performed using a manual blade. Whereas, micro scalp pigmentation is done using an electric tattoo device. That’s because it needs more power to penetrate your scalp, which is thick compared to the normal skin.

Five benefits you can get from using a micro scalp pigmentation

The main objective of micro scalp pigmentation is to create hairlike layers. However, it uses a tiny, layered dots with various shades of black to duplicate the original hair color. It will create a shadow on your scalp that will look natural and provide higher density on your head. It is also known as pointillism.

Here are the five benefits you can get from using micro scalp pigmentation:

  1. Low in Cost

Scalp micro pigmentation offers a permanent solution to hair loss. That’s why no need to spend money on ineffective hair-growing shampoo. In terms of hair transplant cost, scalp micro-pigmentation offers a smaller price than normal surgical operations. Lastly, it doesn’t require any follow-up medications, which helps you save lots of money.

  1. Safe to Use and Pain-Free

The primary treatment doesn’t require any harsh chemicals. Also, it doesn’t need any incisions or primary operations that offer a lesser risk of infection. 

Scalp micro pigmentation only needs small needles to create pigments on the scalp. It is safe and pain-free to use because it uses anesthesia.

  1. Visibly Looks Younger

One of the perceptions we need to face is that balding men look older than those with fuller hair. Using micro-pigmentation treatment will give them another chance to show a better look. Once they revive their younger figure, it will also boost their confidence towards other people.

On top of that, having fuller hair can attract more women. That’s because most women preferred men with fuller and thicker hair.

  1. Requires Less Maintenance

Since scalp micro-pigmentation creates no real hair, it doesn’t require any expensive hair maintenance. All you have to do is to wash the pigmented or tattoo area. If you want to add extra shine and volume, you can add some hair wax.

  1. Easy Procedure and Healing

The entire procedure is quite simple, and it’s like you undergo standard skin tattooing. The only difference is that it only requires a few sessions to complete the task.

Also, scalp micro-pigmentation is a non-invasive procedure. Therefore, healing time is less required, and within a couple of days, you can go back to your regular work of duty.


Scalp micro pigmentation is a non-surgical treatment that helps you solve your problem related to hair loss. It offers fast results and is affordable to use.

If you want to go more in-depth about these methods, you can check out this Micropigmentation Hair Loss camouflage.

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