Sell vs. Scrap: What Should You Do with Your Old Car?

When your car is looking its age and you want to upgrade to something newer, you’ll want to get rid of it. In general, that means either finding a private buyer or having the vehicle scrapped. While it can be a little heart-breaking to see a car you’ve had for some time get sent off to be scrapped, it can still be a better move.

Here are just a few reasons why scrapping tends to win out when people are faced with that increasingly common selling vs. scrapping debate.

Private Sales Take Time

The big problem with private sales is that they take quite a lot of your time and effort. You have to look into how much the car is worth by comparing other models in your area and getting an inspection. You need to write up an ad and post it online or with your local paper. Then it gets even worse. You need to see prospective buyers and possibly negotiate yourself, and it’s not even a given the first buyer will be interested.

Thanks to the internet, scrapping is so much easier. You simply enter details online and then get a quote. Instead of intruding on your time, the vehicle will be picked up from your home and then driven to a qualified recycling centre. No need to do much paperwork yourself or go through tedious negotiations – you’ll get the money you’re due quickly and easily.

Private Sales Aren’t Always Safe

Most of the people interested in buying your car are going to be completely on the level, but this isn’t always the case. There’s always the chance of being scammed, and many people don’t like inviting people to take a test drive when they don’t know anything about them – if that person doesn’t have a license, it could put you in hot water. Additionally, it’s always possible to mess up the paperwork when you’re doing it yourself. When you have your vehicle scrapped, these aren’t issues you need to worry about.

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