Share Your Story

I’ve explained over and over again that life is art and people are art. Everyone has a story to tell. Want to tell me yours?

I’ve travelled to a fair few places in my life and what I find extraordinary is the sheer welcoming attitude and warmness that people will emulate to strangers and foreigners. There is a lot of bad in this world, but the graciousness of humanity far outweighs the awfulness of a select few.

I’ve always found talking to people from different walks of life eternally interesting. It’s the people of this world that influence art and it’s amazing to see how people who are so different can be so similar.

So send me a message. Whether you want to tell me your story, comment on a topic, suggest a topic or have some general feedback, I want to hear it. Just fill in the form below and let’s open up this conversation.

I do also accept advertisements and guest posts, but we need to have a proper conversation about that. Advertising space here is limited, but I’m open to discussing some options.

If you want to submit a guest post – that’s fantastic! Humans offer the best kind of stories and anything art related (remember my stance on art) is greatly appreciated.

I do have a few guidelines which must be adhered to though. Please check them out before getting in touch and we can talk about any questions you may have then.