Should you stay in a serviced apartment with lockdown ending?

With lockdown winding down if not coming to a full halt, many are wondering whether or not to look at their home holidaying options this summer. With overseas travel looking difficult if not impossible, serviced apartments could offer a good place for families and couples to get away for a bit if a country or city escape.


A serviced apartment is a term applied to any apartment, flat, or domicile that is catered too for a shorter period of time than traditional long-term accommodation. They are very popular amongst young travellers looking for a place to stay who are not overly keen on slumming it in hostels.


In this week’s blog we ask the question, ‘should you stay in a serviced apartment as part of your post lock-down holiday plans?’


Serviced apartments can be pricey


One of the main drawbacks of staying in a serviced apartment is the large cost of accommodation. Whilst they normally have a lot of features the added cost does mean that you have to carefully consider whether the stay is worth it.

If you want to stay for more than a few weeks, then a serviced apartment will help you greatly reduce the total cost of your stay. Equally if you are staying in a larger group then serviced apartments can actually prove slightly more cost effective than traditional hotels.


Serviced apartments offer a lot for their money


Leading on from the previous point, if done in the right way serviced apartments can offer a lot of value for your money. Staying in larger groups, in a cost effective city with travel costs kept to a minimum is a good way to squeeze even more value out of your holiday and help keep some in the bag if you are looking for a big blow out when travel fully opens up again.


Stay in a good quality serviced apartment


Taking the time to book the right accommodation is essential when it comes to finding the right place to stay during your getaway. Do not settle for the first thing that comes up.


Always keep an eye out for a better deal. This will help give you everything you need to find the right serviced apartment that is going to suit all of your needs. Look at online reviews and do not hesitate to call the provider if you think they have a serviced apartment you would love!


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