Student Life at the University of Bristol

Student Life at the University of Bristol offers professional development opportunities and exposes students to the expertise of some of the best education professionals in the UK. This why it has such popular student accommodation.

About Student Life

Student Life and Recreation are committed to creating a welcoming and engaging student experience for everyone at the University of Bristol. Through a combination of individual opportunities, student societies and sporting activities, Student Life seeks to enhance the student experience and help create lifelong friendships and skills.

Facilities include sports grounds, student clubs and societies, recreation facilities, student centres, social hubs, recreation, wellness facilities, student study areas, events and entertainment and student accommodation.

Student Services

Student Services are the source of communication and support for the student community.

Services range from computer services, learning services, welfare services, gender identity, inclusive learning, counselling services, welfare services, academic staff and learning services to academic staff offices and learning facilities.

Student Housing and Student Accommodation

Housing at the University of Bristol includes students living in newly renovated residential accommodation, beds in halls, flats, students and student households on shared accommodation or rooms in private houses.

It also includes a student room allocation system. Students and their families can apply for a place on a shared house or room in halls where each room will be shared by one student.

Residential accommodation includes the Piccadilly School, Southmead Hall, Packwood Hall, Copford Hall, John Smith and Holcombe Woodhull Halls.

There are no scheduled housing guarantees for returning students. Each student is provided with a residence enrolment letter which details all aspects of the student’s accommodation entitlement at the beginning of their first term.

Bristol Uni Places provides information about student accommodation for people studying at the University of Bristol.

The University of Bristol has operated housing services since 1825.

Bristol Uni Places provides housing information for Bristol University students and is the property centre for all students and their dependents.

The University of Bristol has welcomed 16,000 international students over the last decade and on average they stay on campus for two years.

Visitors looking to stay in Bristol should take into consideration the following considerations and treatment, as well as where and how private accommodation might suit their needs:

  • Rent covers utilities
  • Electricity is provided by Northern Electric (electricity is covered under the Electrical Services Contract)
  • Water is provided by Southern Water (water is not included)
  • Other utilities are, of course, covered under the tenancy agreement
  • Owners have the right to extend on an annual basis (excluding year three)
  • Rooms are generally spacious, modern and with well-lit interiors
  • Typically, there is ample fresh water supplied, but it can sometimes be warm
  • Bedrooms are usually large, though some are considerably smaller
  • Rooms are generally quiet and peaceful at night, though it can sometimes be noisy
  • Owners have the right to park in their driveway

Of course, every property has its own unique features, but these provide a good starting point.


Being a private student accommodation, accessing the property is important. For instance, with proper keys, the property is likely to be accessible to the tenant (and therefore also the owner). As a general rule, however, this is often facilitated, on a case-by-case basis, by personal referral or provision by the university, which can only be facilitated through the relevant member of the academic staff.

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