The Best Imported Goods from Nicaraguan Culture

While we tend to think of Nicaragua as a short drive to Caribbean beaches, salsa festivals, and cheap rum, the country also produces some of the best quality furniture and handcrafted art in the world. Those are products that we’d still be able to buy at decent prices even if we were vacationing in some backwater spot in Central America, but where else can you buy American-made furniture made by guys who cut their teeth crafting craftsmanship in industrial-grade metal shops and graffitied murals from cement floors on oil drums?

We chose the following Nicaraguan products not just because of their quality and how well they look, but also because of the quality of life they’ll allow you to build your life around. The cost of most of the imported goods in Nicaragua are so affordable and the quality so high that you’ll want to treat yourself to more, not less.

Handmade Chairs Made From Pine, Trinidad Pine from Trinidad And Tobago

We first chose this furniture maker for our list because it’s the one that produces the best handmade chairs in the world. If you were planning on moving out on your own, you’d probably choose to move to the Caribbean and set up shop in some tropical beach paradise like Costa Rica or Nicaragua. But as soon as we saw those finely crafted, handmade pine chairs from Trinidad, we immediately knew that we wanted to buy one of them, too.

And after reading all of the company’s enthusiastic testimonials, we knew we needed to buy them as soon as we could. After all, who doesn’t want to live in a tropical paradise all of the time? From the beginning, the process was a smooth one. After explaining our finances and getting a detailed write up of the work being done and the materials being used, the chairs were ready to ship less than a week later.

After receiving our chairs, we immediately installed them in our dining room. Because they are so well constructed and well made, we plan to keep them for decades to come. And they’ll look as good as they do today, even when we’re 80 years old, without a single repair being needed.

Natural Cigars from volcanic soil

Nicaragua exports some of the best cigars in the entire world, most noticeably in the form of Esbobar Maduro cigars. In true Nicaraguan culture style, hand-rolled is the order of the day, which is why the tobacco connoisseur truly savors each and every puff they draw as a window into Nicaraguan culture.

What makes Nicaraguan cigars so attractive is their bold flavors. These cigars are typically stronger and more peppery than cigars from other countries. Nicaragua is known for its tobacco from Jalapa Valley and Esteli.

Handmade Leather Chairs Made From Leather From Nicaragua

These leather chairs are made using sustainably produced material and they’ll look and feel good even after years of wear and tear. That’s because they’re made using soft, natural leather that has been left to age naturally in wood barrels for at least three months. When they are finally finished, the chairs are then dried for two more months and then they’re finished with paint and stain.

The final product is a beautifully detailed leather chair that will last you for years to come. The grainy texture and natural color of the leather make the chair look almost like real leather. There’s no paint or stain necessary to make these distinctive chairs any more unique than they already are.

This chair is a fantastic value, as it can be had for as little as $100.

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