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Internet commerce is logistics. You can be the only store in the country that sells Venetian brooch through the Internet, but if the courier brings your brooch in crumpled boxes, the business will burn.In the article we will tell you how to choose a courier service, so as not to ruin the business. Here are tips on the Moscow services, but they will be useful for other cities. To send parcel to Turkey the following information are important:

Select multiple services

Select the courier service once and for all will not work. Even if the service delivered parcels on time, and the customers were delighted with the couriers, it does not mean that one day it will not send a drunk courier. So immediately test several services. If you stop working with one, there will be others on pick-up.

Here are the criteria that will help evaluate the work of courier service:

  • system for loading orders, so as not to lose parcels;
  • insurance of orders;
  • cost of delivery;
  • delivery in time;
  • courteous couriers;
  • the speed of refund.

Now more about each

When you look for a service, enter a label and mark each parameter. Let the strongest win. So that you do not come up with a tablet, copy ours.

Table for comparing courier services

System for loading orders

Delivery services lose orders. Sometimes this happens when the order is received, if the online store has sent the order for delivery, and the courier service has forgotten about it. This does not happen, if the courier service has a system for loading orders – CMD.

Most often, the CMD is a personal account on the courier service website. The online store enters there under its own password, makes orders, sees when orders have come and gone, and downloads the acts. The CMR keeps the entire order history with the online store, so the order will not be lost. With cheapest parcel delivery at parcelABC the entire process will be perfect.

But it does not always happen. Sometimes courier services accept orders in the e-mail order. This is an unreliable and bad sign. Imagine that the online store has one hundred orders a day. If the courier service has ten such stores, each one must receive a letter, each confirm the delivery and send the act. To lose one order in such a stream – there is nothing to do.

Every shipping company has a price schedule based on volume: The more packages you send, the lower the rate. Many small e-commerce companies, however, do not realize that they too can have negotiating power with package senders. Do not be afraid to contact multiple shipping companies to inquire about the rates. Try to negotiate a better rate by enticing the sales staff. That sounds strange, but when your webshop grows and you compare prices, they are more inclined to offer you a better rate.

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