1. Massaman curry, Thailand

            Everyone knows about curry but each country has little bit different traditions on how to prepare it. This version is made with peanuts and cashews and what else is unusual it is potatoes. You can add your choice of protein but what they are using the most is beef, duck or chicken but if you are vegetarian you can add tofu as an protein alternative. It is the best curry because it has the most unique taste out off the all Thai curries.

2) Neapolitan pizza, Italy

            I mean I am not even surprised that pizza have made it to the list, because pizza is life. Neapolitan pizza it is the most common type of pizza what they are eating in Italy. It has tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil leaves in the middle. Now the question is does pineapple belong to pizza?

3) Chocolate, Mexico

            I feel like kids would love this choice. Mexico has one of the best chocolates in the world because they are using the best cacao beans with highly nutritious seeds and that is what is making the chocolate so amazing.  They are also having drink called ‘Chocolate de mesa’. Which is  toasted cacao nibs with almonds, sugar, cinnamon and often they are using variety of other spices.

4) Sushi, Japan

            Sushi, I feel like you either love it or hate it there is no in between. It is the most common meal in Japan and they are eating it on every occasion. In translation it is pickled fish preserved in vinegar but as the time goes the definition has been changed and now they have added rice which is prepared in vinegar. There is plenty of variations of sushi and the most common types are Nigiri, Gunkan, Norimaki, Temaki and more.

5) Peking Duck, China

            This meal has started to be served while ago and it is more of the tradition now. How is it served and cooked? The duck has thin, crisp skin and they are cutting it on slices. Peking Duck is usually eaten with spring onions, cucumber and sweet bean sauce with pancakes (the beans are the filling of the pancakes).

Now when I told you about all the amazing meals, I hope you have got some inspiration for your next meals or maybe even trip. If you don’t have time for traveling but you would still like to try some new meals from different cultures, OmdömesStalle has amazing reviews for services which can help you deliver ingredients or you can find amazing recommendations for booking websites.

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