Top 5 Volvo Semi Truck Models for Long Haul Trucking

When you think of big rigs and semi trucks, several brands may come to your mind, including Volvo. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that Volvo is one of the most popular manufacturers of big rigs in the trucking industry. In case you need to acquire one to meet your long haul needs, consider getting a big rig in Volvo’s VNL series. In line with this, below are some of the top Volvo semi truck models that you can consider.

VNL 860

VNL 860 is Volvo’s flagship model in the VNL series that is designed specifically for long haul services. This is considered to be the best Volvo semi truck for sale because of its fuel efficiency that paves the way for driver productivity. It is basically a sleeper that has been upgraded to offer a more spacious area for the driver who will most likely spend several hours on the road.

VNL 760

VNL 760 is one of Volvo’s best-selling big rigs in the market. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that this truck features a wide interior area, providing drivers plenty of space to move around. This is where they will be able to take a well-deserved meal break or catch up on paperwork. The 96-inch wide sleeper will also be able to accommodate drivers who are in need of high-quality sleep.

VNL 740

When you intend to acquire a truck that is designed for efficiency, then you have to go for Volvo’s VNL 740 model. The reason behind this is that this model is designed to maximize each drop of fuel that you feed it with. Apart from being able to cater to long haul applications, the VNL 740 is also suited for various special applications.

VNL 400

If you are looking for an affordable sleeper truck that will be able to meet your long haul needs, then you should consider acquiring a VNL 400 model from Volvo. This model from their VNL series is designed to be extremely versatile while being cost-effective compared to the other models that you will find in this line-up. Like with the VNL 740, it can also cater to other special applications apart from long haul ones.

VNL 300

Finally, you also have the option of going for Volvo’s VNL 300 model which is still included in their VNL series designed for the long haul. It is a day cab though and not a sleeper but it can also cater to long haul needs, which is why you can also consider this model.

The Bottomline

Volvo offers various lines of semi trucks designed to meet different purposes and needs. The ones listed above are the best ones if you are looking for big rigs that are designed for the long haul. Rest assured that you will be able to find the right truck for you regardless of whether you need a big rig for a heavy haul or you intend to acquire an auto hauler because Volvo also offers a different lineup of trucks to meet these demands.

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