Top Tips for Renovating Your Home

Committing yourself to renovating your home can be both demanding and challenging, but the rewards and satisfaction will sure be worth it. Renovating your home is building on what you already have, therefore, it’s not as stressful as completely starting from a black page like some attempt. This can work in your favour as you can really make use of what you already own. This way you will avoid monstrous bills trying to buy new fixtures, fittings, and furnishings in order to update your home

The renovation process can be complex and can sometimes experience unforeseen issues and extra expenses. Therefore, ensuring you are well prepared for all eventualities will be key in creating a successful project. Follow these top tips to make sure your renovation runs as seamless as possible.

Develop a schedule

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Failure to plan a schedule of works can become chaotic and disorganised in the long run. Tradespeople may start to overlap and many jobs that could have been carried out at the same time may have been undertaken separately. If this is the case, this pushes up the cost as the lack of structure has led to inefficiency as a whole project.

In a schedule, you ought to completely outline which works need to be undertaken and in the order that you plan for them to happen. Try to break up the scheduled works into subcategories. This could be ‘hallway renovation’, ‘kitchen extension’, or ‘garage conversion’. By breaking up into smaller categories, you can manage each room in isolation and devise a schedule for each.

If you opt for purchasing a buy to let property, then you must ensure that your house is suitable for your target tenant. Consider property investment specialists from who offer a wide range of student opportunities. As a homeowner letting to students, you need to ensure that in your renovation there are multiple fixtures and fittings that a student would find useful in their home. This may include integrated appliances to fit into a nifty kitchen design and modular storage to provide maximum space.

Consider the safety standards

Undertaking a renovation is challenging and there are many hurdles that may arise along the way, which is all the more reason to ensure the whole process is carefully considered and executed. Health and safety may initially sound boring and is most of the time overlooked, but it is so important to be factored into the equation when bringing a home renovation to life. Investing in safe and reliable equipment doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive endeavour, and it is often an easy task to track down suitable work gear and relatively cheap safety equipment.

Use a structural engineer

If you have decided to change the structure of your home, it may be worth a visit from a structural engineer that can assist in the project. Particularly if your renovation involves the removal of internal walls, or altering window and door openings, then a structural engineer would be a reliable and trustworthy way to ensure you are performing all works correctly and safely. Their role is to advise on the placement, size, and type of steel beam required for the removal of walls to ensure your home is still structurally sound.

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