Understanding Whether Your Body Needs a Detox

Let’s make this clear: we’re not talking about detox with expensive powder “juices” or magical pills. We’re talking about your body’s natural detoxification mechanism – the lymphatic system. If our body couldn’t get rid of toxins itself, we would already be long dead. It’s frustrating to see people are so oblivious to how much our body can actually do to maintain strong health.

The lymphatic system flushes toxins out of the body, including cell waste and other redundant substances. It also carries the lymphatic fluid around the body. Unfortunately, current unhealthy habits and diet of so many people puts too much stress on the detox system that it works very slowly. But you can heal it and “help it help you”, as they say.

How to Understand Your Body is Filled with Toxins

There are several signs of “dirt” making your body sick:

  • You frequently feel constipated.
  • You start getting allergic reactions to food.
  • You develop hormonal imbalance.
  • You have chronic headaches and fatigue.
  • Your skin loses healthy tone, acne appear.
  • You experience difficulties when trying to lose fat.

These are some of the signals your body is sending you to show something isn’t right. Some other contributing factors to increase in toxicity are birth control pills, certain painkillers, mercury that is known to be present in some kinds of fish (tuna is the most popular of them), etc.

Cleaning Your Body from Toxins Naturally

Detoxification is done by the body itself, your only responsibility is to provide it with enough nutrients and cut off junk food. The latter should be the first step and the most difficult one as well. For the first few days you may have a withdrawal syndrome, headache, and fatigue, but this is a challenge worth taking.

After all, you will lose weight naturally, reaching your healthy goals, your skin will clear up, your hormonal balance will improve. Your digestion will be restored, and your metabolism will increase.

Here’s a brief list of things you have to make your new habits:

  • Eat healthy.
  • Hydrate your body.
  • Consume enough vitamins.
  • Incorporate some physical activity.

Foods You Should Eliminate and Add to Your Diet

The most intense part of a cleanse usually lasts from 6 weeks to half a year. During this time, do your best to eliminate alcohol, refined grains, caffeine, sugar, junk food, dairy (optional), and gluten (optional). Instead, add sources of Vitamin C and other healthy foods, like leafy greens, berries and citrus, seaweed, nuts, seeds, whole grains, etc.

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