Water sports to try in 2022

As we enter 2022, it’s no surprise people are already starting to think about brighter days, warmer temperatures and even plans for the summer. So if you are already thinking about summer this year and looking forward to spending some time on beaches then you might be considering trying out a watersport.

Whether you are experienced in the world of watersports or have never even thought about taking part, this guide can give you some inspiration. From renting a boat in Ibiza, getting hands-on with an inflatable paddle board, hite water rafting to jet skiing there is a water sport for all ages and abilities.


Starting with a classic, bodyboarding is a great way to get out on the water and catch some waves without the pressure of having to stand up on a surfboard. With bodyboarding you can take it as serious or as relaxed as you want and with a number of budget friendly options it is a good option for people who are starting out with watersports and don’t want to splash out on expensive gear straight away.

Inflatable Paddle Boarding

The popularity of paddle boarding has boomed in recent years and it is no surprise why, being a very beginner friendly sport. Inflatable paddle boards vary in size and width depending on your ability, for beginners the wider the better. The great thing about paddle boarding is that you can take it at your own pace and really enjoy your surroundings, if you’re struggling with your balance to stand then you can also kneel making it ice and easy.

White water rafting

For those who fancy a bit of adrenaline, white water rafting is a rapid and high intensity water sport that is not recommended for the faint hearted! This sport involves riding in an inflatable raft atop of fast flowing whitewaters, you can take part in this sport with friends or family as the rafts can usually fit a group.


Canyoning is a great water sport for those who love exploring, following a fast river, it involves moving down the canyon with it. Involving swimming, climbing and jumping, this sport is extremely active and great for those who want to experience the exciting outdoors.


This water sport involves being towed by a boat at high speeds whilst using a wakeboard. Wakeboarding can be a great transition sport for those who enjoy surfing but are looking for a little change. Wakeboards tend to be quite small allowing for little water resistance ensuring maximum opportunity for tricks on the water.


Probably the most unconventional watersport in the article, flyboarding involves standing on a flyboard that is connected to a hose. Water is forced under pressure out the bottom of the board sending the participant into the air giving the feeling of hovering above the water. Whilst difficult to get the hang of, flyboarding can be an incredibly thrilling watersport to try.

There are plenty of waterport activities to try out, be sure to do your research and look into the safety risks of each sport before undertaking and consult an expert for more information.

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