What is a serviced apartment

Serviced apartments have become increasingly popular, and you may have heard the term on travel shows or during a visit to the travel agents, but you may not actually know what one is.


On a basic level, a serviced apartment is what it says on the tin; it is an apartment that is fully furnished, available for both short-term or long-term stays, and supported with a variety of services such as cleaning.


Features of a serviced apartment




Serviced apartments will often include both soft-furnishings and items such as cooking utensils; so that visitors who are staying on a short term basis need not bring their own. Included in the price of the stay is services like cleaning, as well as potentially room service if you are staying at a more involved serviced apartment.


Changing travel trends


Serviced apartments are as convenient as places like an AirBnB or a hotel, but will work out being less expensive than an equivalent quality hotel room if you are staying for a longer period. Due to the last few years of the pandemic and restrictions on travel, people are now wanting to stay longer when they visit somewhere rather than just having a short stay; and this means that serviced apartments are becoming a more popular type of accommodation.


More than just a hotel room


Whilst hotel rooms are often just a room with a desk, a bed and a bathroom; a serviced apartment is so much more.




The presence of a kitchen or kitchenette in a serviced apartment is one of its greatest advantages over other forms of accommodation. It provides those who are staying at the apartment the opportunity to choose between eating out or catering for yourself from your own room. A kitchen comprehensively provided with a hob, an oven, kitchenware like pots, pans, crockery and cutlery come as standard in a top quality serviced apartment.


Living space


The general living space, as well as the additional cooking facilities and better defined spaces than a hotel room; make it ideal for those who will be spending more time inside, for a work stay for example.


The living space is another feature which people used to staying in hotels really value when they stay in a serviced apartment for the first time. The ability to actually eat at a dining table rather than consuming dinner propped up in bed, and being able to watch a film from the comfort of a sofa rather than being perched on the edge of the bed, is a welcome one.


Extra features


The provision of parking at a serviced apartment is also a premium that may not be available at other forms of accommodation in a dense city.


Provision of Wifi is now standard, rather than having to pay for it as a service like at a Travelodge.


It can be hard to summarise exactly what exactly a serviced apartment is, due to the wonderful variety provided by this type of accommodation. If you have become interested in serviced apartments and want to go beyond the basic features described in this blog, you can learn more about serviced apartments here.


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