What Is A Tech Whitepaper?

A well-designed whitepaper can give you an unfair edge when it comes to making technical information easier to understand, and positioning your company’s value. Even business-focused whitepapers can be tailored for different purposes and audiences — some are more product-focused than others. With the widening and widespread adoption of content marketing — creating and sharing non-promotional content designed to build interest in a company and its offerings — whitepapers are becoming increasingly common across industries, too.

A white paper is a document used by business professionals looking to share detailed information on a particular subject. A definition of a common technical whitepaper is one that sets out to explain a business challenge and the technology-based solution for solving it. In business, a white paper is a deep-dive, informative report that explain a complicated or technical concept, as well as providing a compelling solution to a problem.

Think of a technical white paper as a mini-textbook on a particular business challenge and one or more ways to solve it. In this part, a technical white paper provides solutions for business problems without placing undue importance on your product at the outset. Then, begin explaining your product and how it works better or differently than other solutions. State the complex business challenge, talk about the solutions, then demonstrate how your product meets these business needs.

Apply your product to a business challenge as a case study, or provide a visual demonstration of how your product can save time or improve performance. Be sure to include contextual information, like where the problem might come from or how the issue impacts business. List any references that you used when writing the essay, so that your readers can look up more if they wish for additional information. Since whitepapers are extreme length pieces of content, be sure to provide some visual pointers for your readers to grasp the main points even if they just skim through your paper.

In a whitepaper, the content and research educates the reader and increases their understanding of the issue as they go through the paper. This type of document usually prompts readers to think outside of the box and try tackling the issue differently. This type of paper works in Inbound Marketing too, because someone searching for the answer to a problem on the internet is likely to find one, and download it to help.

For example, the technical document may begin with the business case for adopting a technology, then go into steps on how to do so, something which platforms like casinoroar.com typically only really feel the need to share with investors and partners, as opposed to end-users. The approach will vary depending on the goals of the technical paper, but generally, a document will be structured around a specific process.

The terminology used might be a bit technical, but the purpose of the technical whitepaper is generally to describe a technology or product in terms that are clear to most people. A white paper is used to inform and convince another business that a certain proposition, such as a product or technology, is superior for solving a specific business problem or solving a specific problem. A white paper, also written as a whitepaper, is an informational document typically issued by a business or nonprofit to promote or highlight features of a solution, product, or service it offers or plans to offer.

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