What makes a cotton bag GOTS certified?

Despite cotton being a fibre that is made from natural materials, finding cotton that is truly sustainable can be a challenge. Unfortunately cotton is a crop that requires a large amount of water which in many parts of the world is often sourced in un-environmentally friendly ways. One of the ways that you can make sure your cotton bags are from an ethical source is to keep an eye out for the GOTS stamp of approval. Here are some of the finer points worth noting about this prestigious accommodation.

  1. it promotes a high use of organic natural fibres

One of the key benefits of GOTS is that it illustrates that the quality of the fibres involved in the production. For a bag to be certified as GOTS it needs to have 95% organic fibres used in its production. This means the fibres must come from organic sources and be free of pesticides.

  • the product must be free from toxic substances

In addition to the use of organic materials, GOTS cotton bags must also be free of formaldehyde, bleach and other forms of toxic substances that could be detrimental to an individual’s health. This helps to ensure that the product is safe and not cause any contamination with the goods it is carrying.

  • the dyes used in production must be nontoxic

The third requirement for a product to be GOTS certified is that the dyes used in production must be ‘non-toxic’. The best way to ensure this is to try and use natural dyes in the cotton bags production.

  • the material must be sourced from ethical mills

The last, and perhaps most difficult requirement to fulfil concerns the sourcing of the cotton. For GOTS certification, the material has to be sourced from mills that are environmentally conscious and provide high standards in terms of their products and also the way they treat their employees.

Be sure to buy products from a GOTS certified cotton bag producer

Whilst many providers offer a wide range of different cotton bags and ‘eco-friendly’ products the only way you can tell the provenance of your cotton bags is if your manufacturer has the GOTS stamp of approval. This will ensure you are getting a quality product that will serve your business well.

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