Why a city centre ‘staycation’ could be the perfect break you need in when lockdown ends

With the number of flights at record low and the situation unlikely to change rapidly, for many the idea of a holiday abroad has been put on pause for the near future. This is likely to increase the demand for ‘staycations’ for people looking for a break from their working life whilst remaining in the UK. The increase in potential staycations may be viewed as a short-term trend, but it can actively have some good benefits for you and your family. Keep reading to discover more about how a city centre accommodation break can help you when we emerged after the lockdown.

  • You can visit an entirely new city and area right in your own country!

Being a tourist in your own country can be a bit of an unusual experience, however, the many different cities in the UK like London, Liverpool, Bristol and Manchester all have their different qualities and are well worth a visit. This change of scenery can be a great way to take your mind off any issues you may be experiencing in your work life.

  • Taking a break and a ‘change of scenery’ can be beneficial for your mental health

The additional benefit of a change of scenery is the mental health benefits it can have. Mixing up your location can help you feel refreshed and reinvigorated. This can be good news for both your work and personal life and is a great reason to book a break in some city-centre accommodation.

  • You do not have a time difference to account for or bags to pack

One of the stresses often found in booking holidays is the time that needs to be spend booking flights and packing. If you opt for a staycation you will cut down on the stuff you need to take and do not have to worry about travel passes, time differences or passports. This gives you more time to focus on enjoying the most out of your break in city centre accommodation.

  • You can get home easily if an emergency arises

Another key worry many experiencing when booking a holiday is the idea that things may be going wrong at home. If you opt for a staycation in city centre accommodation, some of these stresses will be alleviated. Not only will you still be in the country, but you will also have quick access to transport back home in the case of an emergency.

Book city centre accommodation to give yourself choices on things to do These benefits listed have the potential to add that special touch to your break. Additionally, staycations can work as a family getaway or a solo trip if you are looking to clear your head. We recommend booking city centre accommodation as this gives you access to a large variety of things to do and transport links to different parts of the country.

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