Why are SUP Base Layers Necessary?

When you imagine getting out on your SUP to enjoy time on the water, you probably think of wearing a swimsuit and taking in the sun. However, that’s not a great idea.


You need to have some SUP base layers for a multitude of reasons, or there can be serious consequences.


We’re going to go over those reasons to help you understand why just a swimsuit isn’t enough. Let’s get started.


Cold Ocean Water:


First and foremost, your base layers help you resist the cold conditions that are present in ocean water. Sure, the water feels great on a hot day if you’re right up next to the beach, but the further you go out, the colder it gets. You can easily get hypothermia even on a decent day if you go out deep enough.


When you’re on your SUP, you can easily want to ride out and hit some waves, or just distance yourself from the shore to get a bit of peace and quiet. You will want to be wearing clothes that are designed to protect you from the cold and keep you dry in case you end up taking a plunge; which is much more likely when you go out further and there are major waves to overcome.


Cold Lake Water:


SUPs are pretty flexible items. They can be used for riding the waves, exploring, fishing, and even yoga. As such, you can use a SUP for a lot more than just ocean activities, and you won’t always want to use it on the most pristine summer days.


For example, let’s say you’re a fisherman.


Maybe you want to catch some large fall bass, and your SUP is how you plan to get to all the good spots. The water will not be warm, and it won’t be warm on your SUP, either. You need to wear layers.


Your base layers will keep you warm while you’re on your SUP, which can help prevent falls and help you perform better in general. However, if you fall, some waterproof base layers will at least keep you dry.


Fall Protection:


Riding a SUP is all about balance. You’re riding the waves on little more than a buoyant board. It’s incredibly likely that you’ll fall.


Typically, falling really isn’t a problem. If you’re out during good weather and in a clear spot, you’ll just get wet and a little embarrassed. That’s no big deal, and it happens to everyone. However, what happens if you’re riding your SUP in a spot that isn’t clear of debris, or maybe you can’t see certain underwater hazards?


Base layers aren’t armor that will protect you from everything, but they’re at least better than bare skin. If you fall onto some rocks, assuming you don’t crack your skull or otherwise seriously hurt yourself, you’ll likely just get some bruises rather than ripping your flesh off.


Base Layers are a Necessity


SUP base layers aren’t optional. They offer too many benefits for you to ignore them, and in some situations, they can mean the difference between a little embarrassment and bruising and losing your life.


Invest in a good set of SUP base layers.

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